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Travelling with children!

Bicycle trailer for children.


If you have a child trailer, you have to specify this when you place the order because of sufficient space in the vehicle. It is transported without surcharge. One vehicle pro Family. If you ave a extra trailer also for your luggage, we maybe charge some more money so please make a inquire and tell us what you have with you. Send a picture with WhatsApp.  


We also offer children's seats at no extra cost.

Age of children when ordering.


Childen/young people up to 16 years age pays. 

135.- instand of 150.- Grado - Salzburg

95.- instand of  110.-.- Grado  - Villach 

80.- instand of  110.- Grado - Tarvis/Arnoldstein...


All our prices are inclusive of taxes and street fees.

There are therefore NO additional charges on site.

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